Themed Birthday Bouquet Ideas

If you want to send a friend or loved a bouquet of flowers on his or her birthday but think it's not creative enough, think again. With a little forethought, you can help your florist design a one-of-a-kind themed floral arrangement that the recipient will love. To create the most thoughtful gift, consider the celebrant's interests, hobbies and even favorite colors.

If you can, include a few elements in the bouquet, or choose a nice vase that the recipient can save keep after the flowers have died. If you're short on time and don't know what kind of birthday present to get, the customized bouquet will work for celebrants of almost any age.

Here are some themed birthday flower bouquet ideas to consider:

1. Country-Themed Bouquet

For a friend who loves country music and all things country-related, consider designing a bouquet in a whimsical cowboy boot-shaped vase that they can reuse for years to come. Design a rustic, natural-looking bouquet including baby's breath, sunflowers. lavender, and daisies. The florist can accent the bouquet with things from in nature, such as small twigs, pine needles, or pine cones.

As another option during the summer months, you can hand-pick your own bouquet using a variety of vibrantly-colored wildflowers, such as black-eyed susans, snapdragons, milky bellflowers, and ox-eye daisies. Together, these blooms will make a rainbow-hued arrangement, and you can find many of them in fields and yards or on roadsides. 

2. Beach-Themed Arrangement 

If the celebrant loves the beach but can't make it to their favorite spot on their special day, bring a bit of the beach to him or her. Create a bouquet featuring a mix of blue and white flowers, including roses and hydrangeas for a beach-inspired look. You can even have your florist dye white flowers blue if you want a particular type of bloom.

Place the arrangement in a vase featuring seashell, sand dollar, or seahorse designs, or fill the bottom of a clear vase with blue and green pieces of sea glass. 

3. Color-Themed Bouquet 

Another easy way to customize birthday bouquet is using the recipient's birthstone, such as red for ruby, or his or her preferred hue. For example, create a red-themed arrangement using roses, tulips and amaryllises, and place it into a clear or white vase with red stripes, dots, hearts, or other patterns.

For a purple-inspired bouquet, pick hydrangeas, lilac, and dahlias, or create a fragrant all-lavender arrangement. Finish the gift by accenting the vase with a purple ribbon bow. 

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