A Few Tips for Buying and Caring for Fresh Flowers to Brighten Your Day

If one of your little indulgences is having fresh flowers around the house, you know how frustrating it is to have a bouquet that wilts or dies quicker than you had expected. There are many variables as to how long cut flowers will last in a vase, such as the type of flower, how long the flowers have been at the store, and how you care for them once you have them home. To ensure the blooms last as long as possible, here are a few tips for buying and caring for them.

Buying Fresh Flowers

To get the freshest, best-cared-for flowers, you should always go to a florist. While supermarkets may have lovely displays of flowers, odds are they are next to the fresh fruits. Fruits give off ethylene gas, which will cause the flowers to wilt and die. In addition, the stems and blooms are treated more roughly, and the workers are usually not knowledgeable in how to care for them. While supermarket flowers are less expensive than those from a florist, if you are keeping fresh flowers in the house at all times, you will have to replace the supermarket bouquets more frequently. This makes the cost of flowers for a few months roughly the same as what you would spend at the florist.

Proper Care of Fresh Flowers

To keep your flowers looking beautiful for as long as possible, you need to change the water (always use warm water, not cold) every couple of days. When you do, be sure to wash the vase with warm, soapy water to get rid of any bacteria that is clinging to the sides. Make sure to use the packets of preservative in the water; you can ask for extra when you pick up the flowers to make sure you have enough. You can also recut the stems at an angle to allow for better water intake, but use a sharp knife and not scissors to avoid crushing the stems. Do not place the flowers near fresh fruit or by a window. If you like to keep a fruit bowl on the table, don't have flowers in the room unless it is a large room and the flowers are at opposite ends of the room from the fruit so that you can keep the ethylene gas away from the flowers. Sunlight streaming in through a window may look great on a lovely bouquet, but the heat will cause the flowers to wilt and die.

Fresh flowers can make a room seem more vibrant. They add color and texture to the décor, and some will fill the room with a soft, pleasant aroma. Try keeping some around for a month or two and experience how they can brighten up your days.