It’s Not That Simple: Properly Holding Wedding Flowers

You may spend a lot of time choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding. You pick flowers that you find to be absolutely gorgeous and that carry with them a lot of symbolism. However, once you have your flowers, you may wonder how to hold them. This might seem like a trivial issue, but how you hold your wedding flowers will affect how beautiful your wedding photos will look.

Choose Your Wedding Dress First

Always pick your wedding dress before your wedding flowers. Bring a picture of your wedding dress to the florist. A florist experienced in arranging wedding bouquets will know the right type of flowers for your type of dress and will also know how they should be held.

Hire A Florist Experienced In Wedding Flowers

If the bouquet hasn't been made yet, you will first want to make sure that it is arranged in a manner that makes it comfortable to carry. Consult with a florist who has prior experience with wedding flowers. Make sure that the bouquets are not too heavy or you will have the temptation to hold the bouquet improperly to alleviate the strain of carrying it.

Have The Front Facing Forward

Know where the front of the bouquet is supposed to be. Make sure that the front is facing outward so that others can see. Otherwise, the most beautiful aspects of the bouquet will not be seen.

Hold It Slightly Below Your Waist

For the most part, the bouquet will need to be held slightly below your waist. This is a simple and elegant positioning that will also be comfortable. Also, all of your bridesmaids should hold their bouquets beneath the waist. 

Do Not Point The stems Toward Your Guests

The stems should not be facing the guests, regardless of how beautifully they are wrapped. The blooms should be facing the guests.

Consult With The Florist

Certain types of bouquets should be held in certain ways. For example, cascading bouquets have a handle that dictates how it should be held. If the bouquet is specially designed, you will need the help of your florist when knowing the proper way to hold it.

The best way to know how to hold your wedding flowers is to consult with the florist who arranged them for you. Florists who specialize in wedding arrangements will know how their flowers are supposed to be held and will be happy to provide advice. You can make some small modifications based on what feels comfortable to you, but take the recommendations of your florist strongly into consideration as well.