Finding Your Place In A Mobile Home Park – 4 Landscaping Tips For Anyone

If you live in a mobile home park, you feel like there's not much to do about landscaping. But with some creative use of your limited space, you can add privacy, beauty and peace. Here are 4 easy ways to landscape for any mobile home owner.

Container Gardening. You may or may not be able to plant things permanently in the ground, but you generally have space on the porch, deck,stairs and walkway to add some color. Containers can be planted in an endless variety to suit your taste. Try a symmetrical row of small pots or containers lining the stairs. Add some tall shrubs in containers to a deck or patio to create a barrier between you and your neighbors. Or use containers to draw the visitor's eye upward and away from any unsightly areas along the base of the home.   

Fountains. Bubbling water is a great way to help everyone relax. Depending on the amount of space you have available, your fountain can range from a small electric bubbler to a large statuary fountain placed as a centerpiece in your front or back yard.

Create a Haven. Even in a small space, there are things you can do to create a sanctuary. You can start by using the wall of your home as one part of your haven. Cover it with a trellis and climbing vines (such as wisteria or mandevilla) or some hanging outdoor art. Use dwarf trees in containers, thick shrubs or a fast-growing tall grass like bamboo to add some privacy on the other sides. Complete the nook with something that makes you happy and relaxed, such as a small parlor table and chairs or a hammock.

Add a Fun Deck. Installing a fun and beautiful deck can create an easy and accessible place to enjoy the outdoors. Add shelter for the summer by planting one or two small trees away from the house foundation or footings in the direction that will provide shade when you plan to use the deck. You can also use a sail-like fabric draped above the deck for shade and privacy. A small fire pit can make even the smallest porch or deck into an entertainment space. Plant shrubs, trees and colorful flowers in raised beds or containers outside the deck to maximize the deck's useful space.

Even if you live close to your neighbors in a mobile home park, you can have a lush and relaxing landscape around you by making the most of what you have.